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Jenetta Haim is a natural therapist who runs a clinic named Stressfree Management (R). She specialises in teaching you lifestyle and health management techniques to suit your specific needs or the need of a Corporation. She can teach you everything from how to have better relationships, quality family life, increased work performance, wealth, success and more energy to being tress-free, sleep better, give up smoking, lose weight, improve concentration and memory, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, handle PMT and menopause, have no more headaches, deal with arthritis, aches and pains, low immunity and much much more …
Over the years Jenetta has also helped companies to find ways to decrease workers compensation claims and employee sick days, reduce staff turnover, promote teamwork, increase staff loyalty, have the upper hand on competitors, increase productivity and ultimately achieve higher profits.
We can help you. Stress Management, Meditation, Relaxation, Diet and Nutrition, Aromatherapy, ReikiHypnotherapyNaturopathy, Energy Healing, NLP, Sensitivity Testing and Counselling.


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