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    This basil pesto is a simple, easy combo of delicious ingredients that allows you to throw together a meal in less than 15 minutes.
    Full of flavour and bursting with Summer goodness from the sweet basil l […]

    • I agree Maree I’m a huge fan of pesto too, and it’s so easy to make healthy as well as delicious! Let me know how you go 😋

  • In my kitchen I always like to have ingredients on hand that will let me make a tasty and decadent snack with a minimum of fuss. All ingredients into the blender, “press play” for 20 seconds or so, and voilà a d […]

  • Mel wrote a new post, Roasted carrot hummus dip, on the site Melt Kitchen 3 months ago

    I love taking a dish that everyone knows and loves like the ubiquitous hummus dip, and tweaking it a little! Often I’m curious just to explore some new flavour options. And I must admit very often I’m […]

  • Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic day yesterday. It was a totally positive and awe inspiring experience. The whole day was perfect, including the ambience, your bubbly and welcoming personality, beautiful […]

  • What a thoroughly enjoyable evening I spent with gorgeous company in a beautiful home with Mel T in charge of culinary enlightenment! Mel’s recipes are mindful of creating healthy and delicious fuel for our bo […]

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  • If you haven’t come across chia puddings in your local café yet, chances are you’ll cross paths before too long. Chia seeds have been popping up everywhere since we all started to cotton on to the he […]

  • We’re making our way into Spring here in Australia, my favourite season, as nature rejoices with blooms and blossoms and you can’t help but join in the sense of celebration, optimism and wonder all around y […]

  • Mel wrote a new post, Energy Bliss Balls, on the site Melt Kitchen 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Someone asked me a couple of days ago what is my best, go-to, snackable food  for when I get the munchies? I didn’t hesitate in my reply that these Bliss Balls are my constant obsession, and for good rea […]

  • Back in the day, I lived and worked in Italy for months at a time over several years, in a medieval fortress city called Spoleto. It is an extraordinary place which ticks all the tourist boxes with Roman […]

  • One can’t help but love a one-pot chicken dish that always receives rave reviews from the family, has been cooked so frequently you’ve lost count of the times it has been made, and packs a  nutritional punch ab […]

  • Books and bacon. They go together like… eggs and bacon! I can’t wait to share with you a great idea for the second combo, but first allow me to digress and share a very special family story.

    Since the boys wer […]

  • Comfort food is an essential part of everyone’s diet. There, doesn’t that sound comforting! Doesn’t that make you feel at ease! Of course, I’m not imagining here some sugar-laced, processed sweet item, but […]

  • December 16, 2015 by Mel Leave a Comment (Edit)

    Make yourself a treat for the holiday season with an impressive sheet of glossy chocolate bark.

    I love the way that Christmas time  upholds the […]

  • I’m sure one food memory many of us share is of the traditional cauliflower in white sauce. I remember it fondly as an accompaniment to Nan’s Sunday roast, included in Mum’s meat-and-three-veg dinners, and w […]

  • Our veggie garden has been springing into action with the change of season. As the temperature heats up and the days start to lengthen, we are being rewarded with daily bounty of fire-truck red cherry tomatoes, […]

  • Without a doubt, Spring is my favourite season. I absolutely adore the sense of renewal and rejuvenation that seems to quickly take over the garden, with jacarandas in full bloom, rose bushes heady with their […]


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